With more than 40 years of corporate business experience between them, ask Kristen and Casey where their heart lies and they will both tell you it’s in their small town Brewery & Tavern watching their customers Eat, Drink and Laugh.  This has become their motto on the door.   


Kristen and Casey  have had connections and businesses in Johnstown and Northern Colorado since 1995, spending countless weekends watching their 5 kids play soccer and basketball and finally seeing them off to college.  Now empty nesters, they moved to Johnstown to be closer to the community they call family.  

“We always wanted to be more than just a brewery,” states Casey. “We offer a variety of beers including domestics, great wines, and a full bar for every discriminating palate.  Our food menu isn’t fancy, we offer simple good food that is unique and comforting.”

Come visit us and you’ll see either Casey and/or Kristen and their cheery staff welcome you with a smile.