"A person without the knowledge of their past history is like a tree without roots"

Built in 1918, the 21 North Parish building holds so much history in it, we wanted to make sure the story of every business, before us, is remembered in some way. The 21 North logo incorporates the iconic garage door dating back to 1930’s.  There is tale (many residents have confirmed) the Protestants of Johnstown did not want alcohol sold in the town, so a law was created that allowed alcohol only to be sold on the east side of the street.  If you look closely, you can see a rope that crosses the street allowing alcohol to be pushed across without touching the ground.  Not confirmed, but pretty sure that’s not a clothes line!

Circa 1938 – Ern Hill owned Dodge Plymouth dealership

Circa 1980 – Burger Bros Texaco

Circa 1985 – Gene Glanz Plastering

2010 – Coffee House

2016 – Veteran Brothers Brewing

2020 – 21 North Brewery and Tavern



In 2016, Casey and Kristen Schultz purchased the building and spent the next 10 months, with their partners, remodeling the coffee house into a brewery.  The evolution to 21 North Brewery and Tavern occurred in 2020, bringing an expanded menu of craft beers, wine, cocktails, gourmet eats and even snow cones to the Johnstown dining scene.  

 "Our hope is to create a place for laughter, a friendly gathering for friends and family to come."


We’re honored to be a part of the history of 21 North Parish Ave.